Filling prescriptions isn’t always as easy as it should be.
Too often, pharmacists leave you waiting endlessly only to then rush you through without really answering your questions. That’s not how we do things.

At Blue River, we believe that fast service is key. We also know that sometimes you have questions and need a bit of guidance to make informed decisions for your care or the care of your loved ones. 

You’re not going to get that at a big-box store, but here’s the thing: transferring prescriptions is easy. All we need is your RX number and the Blue River team can quickly and securely transfer all of your prescriptions to our store. It’s that easy.

Personalized, Convenient Care

Blue River works hard to make sure that we can fill your prescriptions in 10 minutes or less, but when you need some extra time to chat about medication management or alternative remedies, we’re always here to give you the attention you deserve. 

Our team will work directly with your insurance provider to figure out which medications and medical equipment are covered. We also automatically call when your refills are due for renewal from the physician, offer an auto-renewal program for scripts, and will even send you a text when your order is ready for pickup.

Call scripts in online

Do you love the idea of working with a local, independent pharmacy but don’t know where to begin? It’s easier than you think.