Medication Packaging


Since 1999, Blue River Pharmacy has been a forerunner in Medication Management. For us, this unique packaging isn’t a fad. We are committed to this convenience and believe in the importance of helping each customer understand their medication and when to take it.

Blue River Pharmacy offers the revolutionary onePAC™ packaging as a free and optional service for your Medication Management. The onePAC™ eliminates traditional medicine vialsalleviates confusion as to whether or not a medication has been taken, and features an easy-open strip. Each dose is prepared just for you with each pack listing the patient name, medicine information, and the day/time when the medication should be taken.

Concerned about an aging loved one taking the right medication at the right time?

We all know that medication is only beneficial when taken properly. Let Blue River Pharmacy alleviate your concern for loved ones and be confident knowing they are taking the right medication at the right time. Ask about our Medication Management services today.

What if my prescription changes and I’m using the onePAC™ packaging?

No need to worry if your prescription changes. Blue River Pharmacy will change out your onePAC™ packaging and repackage it with the correct pills.